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The Daily Feast PDX is a homemade food delivery service. We dream up, cook and deliver two homemade meals each week, as well as Dinner Party Drop-Offs, and Special Diets. Figuring you already have a plan for a whole rotisserie chicken, we focus our energies on the creative, wholesome, beautiful food you'd like to be eating every night if you had the inclination and the whole day to plan, shop, and cook. 




  • The Daily Feast uses the best quality meat and vegetable available at the time, meaning organic, grass-fed, local, good agricultural practice, etc.
  • Though not a gluten-free, vegan, or allergy-oriented food service, many of our meals are in fact gluten-free, vegan, or dairy, egg, or peanut-free. Our Paleo Packs include no sugar, dairy, soy, peanuts, legumes or grains. Let us know what your dietary needs are and we will do our best  to help you get delicious meals you can safely eat, if not from us, from one of our colleagues.
  • Each week we prepare two vegetarian meals and two omnivorous meals. You can order veg, omni, or one of each. Meals change every week and are well balanced both in and of themselves and with each other. You'll never get two chicken dishes or two soups, for example. 
  • Meals are whole meals, meaning they most often come with salad or vegetable and/or starch.
  • With a weekly subscription, delivery in most areas of Portland is free. Weekly subscription accommodates school holidays, vacations, etc. Occasional meals, meals outside Portland proper, or meals sent as gifts have a $10 delivery charge. Temporary subscriptions can be created for new parents, auction items, health issue support, etc. and receive free delivery, and payment can be divided amongst a group.
  • The total cost for the two prepared meals (each serving 4-5 people) is $150 a week. Orders should be placed by Sunday. If you are a weekly subscriber we will assume you are receiving meals unless you let us know by Sunday. If you have houseguests or would like an additional meal for any reason, please also let us know by Sunday.
  • We would love to deliver in re-useable containers, but our licensing does not allow it. We do use recyclable and compostable products for our deliveries.
  • Please leave a very large, family-sized cooler with ice-packs in the area agreed upon for drop-off if you will not be home to receive the meals!
  • Have a number of families at your office/school/daycare/gym that are interested in the service? A weekly drop-off can be made to that location with the permission of the entity.
  • For a personal response to your questions,  please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you very soon.
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