Food is the best medicine. Adherence to a special diet can often be the hardest part of a healing regimen. The Daily Feast can provide a weeks worth of organic, seasonal, simply prepared food to adhere to the AIP, SCD, GAPS or SIBO diet. Additionally, any family who wants to eat beautiful healthy food every day, whether following a special diet or not, can benefit from this type of delivery.

What comes every week? Depending on your condition, roasted organic chicken, lamb, beef, homemade bone broths, roasted, steamed, boiled and baked seasonal vegetables such as swiss chard, sweet potatoes, parsnips, mushrooms, fennel, squash and carrots. As you get better we can slowly incorporate new foods such as alliums, nightshades, brassicas, different seasoning, eggs, dairy, etc. according to your doctor's plan.

If your naturopath has suggested following one of these, or another, diet in order to cure what ails you, please contact us to talk about what we can do to help you stick to the plan and get better quicker. We also love to make soft, not too spicy, superfood loaded meals for folks going through chemotherapy, intended to restore you as best as food can and keep you eating happily.

Special diets are delivered weekly in labeled, disposable containers. We recommend transferring the food into clear glass refrigerator containers for hygiene, ease and attractiveness. We are happy to purchase and deliver the recommended glassware, or it can be bought at most well stocked supermarkets, kitchen stores, some hardware stores, and, of course, Amazon.