The Daily Feast PDX is a Portland OR based home meal delivery service that cooks like mom used to cook back when mom had time to cook. Each week two beautiful meals are prepared according to your parameters (omnivorous, vegetarian, food allergies, gluten-free, etc.) and delivered on Wednesday. This is a chef's choice service, meals are determined according to the weather, availability of ingredients, chef's desire, etc. Cravings always welcomes, we love to delight you, please send us a note with dishes you might like to see. 

A weekly delivery for 1 (2 meals):  is $40.00. 2 people (4 meals in total) :$75.00. 4 people (8 meals in total): $150.00

Within Portland there is a $10 delivery charge for orders under $75. For surrounding areas the delivery charge is $15. Meals can be packaged in individual serving containers or family-style if you are planning to serve 2 or more people the same meal.